We have taken great care to partner with asset managers who bring innovative and unique strategies to investors. Equipped with immeasurable experience from some of the largest financial institutions in the world, our asset managers offer investors a powerful opportunity to meet their specific needs. This not only provides compelling products for our clients, but strategy-driven solutions that will evolve with a new global economy.


Affinity Investment Advisors, LLC (AIA), a SEC registered investment advisor provides its clients a focus on risk adjusted returns through a disciplined and time tested process of stock selection and portfolio construction. With over 100 years of collective experience, the firm’s investment professionals construct small, mid and large cap domestic equity portfolios in growth, value and core strategies. Possessing a successful long term track record, Affinity prides itself on being highly responsive to our clients which include RIAs, corporations, pension plans, foundations and retail channels.

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Annexus is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based product development company focused on building solutions to deliver guaranteed capital preservation with potential for uncapped accumulation. Annexus connects carriers and top advisors with leading-edge wealth management products.

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Anfield Capital was founded with the vision of combining institutional quality investment control, characterized by seeking outperformance and enlightened risk control, with consultative solutions-orientated client service. We bring together a team of senior executives from top-tier firms including PIMCO, Bear Stearns, and Jeffries, with a proven track record of success in Portfolio Management and Client Service. The team has worked together for over 10 years and has over 100 years of combined experience managing billions in client assets over time.

Anfield Capital believes the same long term results oriented, disciplined and creative investment management employed for the largest institutional clients can and should be made available to a broader range of institutional, family office and private clients.

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Capital Innovations is a leading global investment manager with a history of Innovation in the Real Asset investing space. Our firm offers a range of Real Asset solutions which leverage its expertise and experience and provide it with a competitive advantage in the markets where it operates. We provide investment management services primarily through separately managed accounts and commingled vehicles. We have successfully developed a number of strategies to serve the needs of our institutional and retail clients located across the globe. These strategies incorporate a consistent, value-based investment philosophy.

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Hillman Capital Management, Inc. (“HCM”) was founded by Mark A. Hillman in the Spring of 1998. The Firm offers portfolio management services to an international client base of foundations, endowments, corporations, pension plans, and private investors.  HCM employs a unique portfolio management style through which it endeavors to outperform the capital markets over various economic cycles and generate positive returns for its clients. The firm prefers equities over other asset classes for long-term results. In selecting equities for client portfolios, HCMinvests in enterprises that they believe have a competitive advantage in their industries or niche markets. While other firms may follow trends,HCM follows a discipline that calls for investment in industry leaders when they believe their stocks are undervalued using established quantitative measures.

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Stance Capital is a Boston-based asset management firm focused on constructing investment portfolios that mitigate material risk and generate excess returns while at the same time allowing investors to align their capital with their belief systems. Our flagship product, Stance Equity ESG Large Cap Core, is a rules-based approach to investing in U.S. companies in a large cap index that demonstrate management focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) sustainability factors, while simultaneously performing well on fundamental financial factors associated with alpha generation. Stance Equity enjoys five-stars from Morningstar, and is currently the #1 performing U.S. focused ESG large cap value strategy.

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Hanseatic Management Services, Inc. – an investment boutique catering to institutional as well as private clients who believe the ultimate in sophistication comes from simplicity. For over 20 years and through various market cycles, the cohesive portfolio team at Hanseatic has employed its proprietary, adaptive, and robust investment tools to simplify the investment process by reducing the human biases that complicate the investment decision and that are not always consistent with actual market behavior. The Hanseatic model has generated proven track records of capturing alpha and/or preserving capital as it dynamically adapts to the prevailing factors and risks present, not predicted, in a multitude of markets.

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Columbus Macro, LLC is an independent, global asset manager. We specialize in the construction of diversified, risk-managed portfolios with a long-term focus. Our strategies reflect macro cycles, trends, and themes across a broad range of regions and asset classes. Proactive adjustments are made based on significant changes in proprietary leading indicators and market conditions. We seek to preserve and grow client capital by combining empirical rigor with globally-engaged analysis.

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