The mission of Elysian Capital Consulting Services is to share decades of successful distribution experience with financial services companies seeking to increase productivity and efficient use of capital. We have partnered with industry-leading sales and consulting services companies to provide innovativeand unique processes to motivated emerging asset managers and RIA’s. Equipped with immeasurable experience from some of the largest financial institutions in the world, our consulting services partners offer our clients a powerful opportunity to meet their specific needs. This not only ensures a broad array of customized consulting services, but provides our clients with a combination of time-tested traditional strategies and technologically-driven contemporary solutions that will allow them to evolve with a new global economy.


The goal for RDR Sales Consulting is to bring to organizations a fresh view of the unit and its people. With decades of successful executive experience at some of the largest organizations in the world, as well as start-up operations, Jim McInnis provides the organizational evaluation, sales tools and productivity guidance for sales organizations of all sizes. The name of the consulting firm, (Recruit, Develop & Retain… It is all about the people…), is the result of what he believes are three of the most basic and essential tasks a sales organization should have as a daily focus.

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