We have spent our careers distributing financial products and services. It is what we know, and the basis of our unique abilities.

As an intermediary, we are committed to identifying the most unparalleled and emerging asset managers with innovative investment solutions in need of greater exposure to the universe of quality investors, advisors and RIA’s.


whatwedoThroughout the years, there have been many attempts and numerous models developed to provide distribution in the financial services industry. Elysian has taken the most successful aspects of these models and combined them into one; thus creating an efficient, focused and comprehensive model for distribution.

By combining these distinct strategies, we absolutely provide maximum and efficient coverage for all of our portfolio management strategies.

Conventional Face-to-Face Distribution is the traditional model of distribution. This is done through a proactive marketing strategy implemented throughout the “money
centers” across the country and then deploying resources into these markets, as needed, to advance the sales process.

E-Wholesaling uses our vast knowledge in utilizing technology to have maximum reach into the “money centers” without deploying the resources directly into the markets, thus giving us the ability to reach exponentially more potential revenue sources and shorten sales cycles.

Concentric Circles, or the power of referrals, allows us to utilize our vast database of contacts and relationships to expedite the sales process and generate revenue in the most efficient way possible, coordinating the transfer of trust from one relationship to another. Our mandate is to couple the right portfolio management strategies, so that regardless of the needs of the client, we have a solution. These solutions will have minimal overlap and all of our clients will benefit from this symbiotic relationship.