Elysian Capital Markets Group, LLC, “Elysian,” is a comprehensive financial services distribution company focused on providing sales distribution services for our partners. This is accomplished by our hand-selected team of industry professionals with over a century of combined experience in all aspects of the financial services industry.

Our guiding principle is centered on integrity. It is our unwavering belief that with the right people, the right plan and a select group of portfolio management partners, we can provide high-level and high-impact sales distribution, as measured not only by sales volume, but also by the integrity in which we deliver these services.

We have vast experience and expertise within fixed income, equity and alternative retail mutual funds, retirement plans, separately managed accounts, real estate private placements and non-traded REITS.

Our distribution philosophy encompasses many aspects of our collective years of experience that we have combined with our hundreds of relationships formed with every type of distribution outlet, to ensure even the newest of asset managers, gain access to top advisors around the country.

Our track record of building successful distribution companies spans decades and has resulted in multiple billions of assets under management. We look forward to advancing our vision and collective opportunities.


Collectively, we have experienced decades of wholesale distribution success guided by our basic partnership principles. These partnership principles are not just words, they truly guide our daily practices and are the cornerstone of everything we do.