As we pursue our quest to stand alone as the premier distribution company in the industry, we have skillfully refined our force to include a dedicated team of seasoned professionals. Now, the members of Elysian Capital Markets Group, LLC have come together to deliver a vastly unique experience to our partners.


Unlike third-party distribution companies that simply sell a product and collect a fee for their services, Elysian provides something far greater. The integral difference is that Elysian does not hold itself out to be a “third-party distribution company.” Instead, we consider ourselves distribution partners. This translates into tremendous success in raising assets, but more importantly, extraordinary success in retaining those assets.


At Elysian, it is our fundamental belief that the team entrusted with your business is wholly capable of handling your business. As such, we ensure that each member of our force is equipped with the “core competencies” that will promote success. Our competitors may consider this level of knowledge as “value-added” expertise; we consider this paramount to our purpose.

Advisors today face many challenges and spend large sums of money outsourcing and garnering advice from professionals in the areas of Coaching, Sales Training, Team Consulting, Branding and Marketing. It is our belief that these are the core competencies that a true distribution partner should provide. It is what sets Elysian apart from the rest and this is what we do; provide a true tactical advantage to our partners through the depth and breadth of experience.